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Pure Water Project

UTK has worked with Birmingham Water Works and local Dominican artisans to develop a ceramic water filter. You can provide those living in poverty in the Puerto Plata area and beyond with potable water. An estimated 80% of illnesses come from the use of unclean water sources for cooking, drinking, and bathing. We also utilize this program to share Christ as the Living Water that brings spiritual healing and teach the local population about proper hygiene. 

Idea Fund and Start-up Businesses

We know that true and long-term change apart from that which occurs in one’s life through the work of the Holy Spirit comes with sustainability. It is our desire to match the investment of the local community financially or in product, allowing them to start a business that benefits the community and individuals within the community.  UTK needs people with business/entrepreneurial skills  to help coach and evaluate the business concepts that are developed by those we serve.

Medical Clinics and Education

Provide medical care, medications, and education for the people of the Dominican Republic. Many are unable to visit a doctor, simply because they cannot pay for the service; or if they do manage to be seen by a doctor, cannot purchase the medications prescribed due to expense. 

Pastor/Leader Development

Join pastors and church leaders in a quarterly retreat.  Be refreshed and  encourage through the study God's word as we pray for one another and fellowship.   These overnights are completely funded by Until They Know.

Solar Light Project

Distribute inflatable solar light around the world where power and light are not readily available. Share “The Light of The World” with the families who receive a light.

Building Community

Low Ropes Initiatives are used to teach teamwork and communication, as well as, problem solving. 

Words alone cannot express how grateful I am for the incredible work you are doing for those in need.  You inspire us to do better in our daily lives and continue to help others.

Andie & Mike

My heart is full of love and admiration for all you do.  You are wonderful people full of pride for your country.  You are so generous.  Thank you!

Janice Carr

It's people like you who will change the world for the better!  We thank God for bringing us together and want you to know that we will never be apart.

Pete Scully

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Short-term Mission Trips

Trips will involve the locals and be designed around long-term objectives in the area. Trips that we lead will be relevant and encouraging to the team that we host, but their gain is not the focus of a trip with UTK.  God uses these short-term opportunities to build us closer to Himself, other believers, and as an example of community to those we serve and love. 

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