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UTK Indigenous Missionaries

The greatest asset that Until They Know possesses is our local staff. This group of called and committed men and women have  been such a blessing.Most of them have been working alongside the Jenkins family for over a decade and If you have been on a trip with UTK then you know exaclty the impact they have on the mission. Whether translating, driving, cooking, teaching or just doing whatever needs to happen, the passion and energy that they serve communities and short-term teams with are a strong representation of Christ. The UTK team is always focussed on the mission and vision of the ministry and have grown in their ownership and practice of leadership since Covid. 

Their focus on developing relationships and living out the Gospel are their highest priorities. Leading others to Christ and leading discipleship groups have become a highlight of their work. However, they have the most fun when mission teams are on the ground and they get to share their home and culture with those from other places.

Sign your church, group, business or family up for a trip and experience the greatness of this group and fall in love with each of them and their neighbors!

Email us at or call 205-948-8851 to save yuor dates. 

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