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Ben Birdsong

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I am excited about the opportunity to serve with Until They Know Ministries as the Pastor Development Director. I feel like this is an opportunity that God has been leading us to that both fits my passions and gifts and connects to a ministry need for Until They Know. For the last several years, I have served in student ministry. Through my time in student ministry, I have developed a desire to help grow leaders and equip others to both teach and live the gospel. From our student leadership team to our adult volunteer team to our parents, I have found great joy in seeking to equip and resource others.


Several years ago, the Lord led me to seek to pursue a Doctor of Ministry degree. I went down this path feeling like God was calling me to help teach and equip others both practically in ministry and theologically. I have been seeking God for what the next steps for both using my degree and continuing to develop these skills, and I feel like this opportunity with Until They Know is a door that God is opening.


My wife, Liz, and I have served on short term mission trips all over the world through our time in student ministry. Puerto Plata and the Dominican Republic have been a place that we have found ourselves coming back to again and again. The ministry of Until They Know with their focus on community transformation and thoughtful ministry have been a key partner for our student trips. The opportunity to serve with an organization with such a great reputation is also exciting to me.

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