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Hallie Barnhart


I serve with Until They Know as the Team Coordinator and Women’s Discipleship Leader!

In 2013 I went on my very first mission trip to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. God did a work in my heart that week that changed the entire course of my life and I left that trip knowing something about my life would have to do with that place.

I have spent the past four years working with UTK and living in the Dominican in the summers. Now, fast forward almost 7 years since that first trip, I am stepping into the calling He began to stir in my heart that first trip. 

My heart's cry is that these people will come to know the true Jesus and experience His unconditional love. The version of Jesus they hear about and see in their communities and churches isn’t always the Jesus of the Bible and I believe He has called me to play part in showing the people who He truly is and how much He loves them. 

I am so excited and expectant for what God is going to do in the coming time through

Until They Know in the lives of the people we work with in Puerto Plata.

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