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I’m MIlka, a licensed teacher and girl with a heart for God and uniting cultures.

I am married to the love of my life, Azarias and I am the mom of two energetic and funny children, Lucas, 7 and Frayme, 8.

I was a single mom for almost 5 years before I married my husband. He’s been a sweet blessing and such a gift from above to me and the kids. He has a heart for the Word of God and I love how intentional he’s been to teach the kids more and more about who God is. We love playing games, reading and going to the beach. Our 7 years old boy, Lucas, is a natural athlete, he loves showing everyone his gymnastic moves and he loves playing baseball. Our girl, Frayme, loves cooking and baking, and she’s actually good at it!! Both of them are learning English and they both love meeting new people.


After teaching for 12 years, and being an independent translator for a while, God changed our lives with the opportunity to serve in what my real passion is: bringing different cultures together to serve God. To me is just amazing how with a little effort and some love you can bridge gaps between and among people from two different worlds to the point where they can see themselves as the same, as creatures created by a loving God. Creatures that are sometimes broken and hurt but that can see the bigger picture of a much bigger story than theirs. The story of redemption.

As a Dominican, I love being able to share my culture with other people and as I do that  I love seeing how people come to my country with the idea to bless others to realize that they are being blessed too through what God  does in them and through them in the time they are here. I love seeing the barrier of language and culture fall apart as people interact and communication happens and I love that I can be a part of it.


I also have to mention that Dominican culture is very accommodating and just full of kindness and people who are happy to serve, specially to foreign, this is why the role of community coordinator requires a local person that community leaders will be honest to in terms of what the real needs are and that will know what’s effective and how things work in his| her culture and just be present for the long-haul to follow up and continue building relationships.

I’ve translated for UTK before and I love their focus on the gospel. There are so many people coming to developing countries that feel like the biggest need is material wealth but the biggest need is Jesus and the gospel and I’m so excited to join UTK and have the privilege to serve the city I was born in and the communities I was close by growing up.

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