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Sharing Gods Love

Mis Amigos:

I wish I could write to you with the fluency of your own native languages, especially given how hard you have worked to learn English-the one I speak natively.

Thank you for your protection and care this week. Your work has allowed us to see with our own eyes both the beauty of this country, (DR) and a second one (Haiti). We were able to do the work we came here to do because of your support-but you allowed us to go so far beyond our foremost task. You have been my window into the true culture and people of this community in Puerto Plata. You have show me the way to give love and receive it; we couldn't have found our way without you both in the physical sense of getting from point A to point B and in the sense of heart-we needed too really understand what is happening with the people of your county and yourselves.

So Thank you for being so much more than my drive and security team. Thank you for offering your vulnerability and friendship.

With Love.

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