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Heart for the Kingdom

This is Paul Chemond! Paul is a faithful servant for UTK and has such a heart for the people around him. Paul came to the Dominican Republic from Haiti in 2002 and has worked for UTK since 2012. Paul recently planted and opened up a church plant in a part of the city called “la treinta de marzo,” which most people here just call “la treinta” (the 30). This summer, Paul and I have been teaching English three nights a week to quite a few children and adults in la treinta. On Saturday’s, Paul also leads a bible lesson with the children from the community where he shares stories about Jesus, sings a few songs with the kids, and ends their time together with juice and snacks—the kids really enjoy Saturdays and are always full of energy!

Beyond that, Paul has acclimated himself in this new community and has made his presence known to those around him—people walking by the church often stop and say hi as Paul always keeps the front door open! Many nights a week and especially Sunday’s, Paul preaches and pours into those from the community that come for the service at his church, which he has named “New Jerusalem Church”. If you ever get to spend time around Paul, be sure to ask him about his story—God has worked in amazing ways throughout his life. We are excited to see how God uses Paul in this new season of life and with UTK!!

Paul Chemond

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