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  • Hallie Barnhart

Biblical Self-Worth

This is the story of a child of God. Her name is Diana.

Diana is thirty-one years old and lives in what’s left of the village of Lo Coco. She is Haitian and is originally from Haiti, but her family moved her here to the Dominican Republic when she was 7 months old. She has lived in Lo Coco since she was a baby and even after her family moved away, she continued to stay there.

Diana is a single mom with four kids, all from 4 different fathers; they are 12, 8, 5, and 1. The 12 year old lives in Haiti with a grandmother while the other three children live here with her. She has never had a steady job but is currently cleaning houses on Sunday’s to earn whatever she can to provide for her children. She was honest up front in telling me that some days they just don’t eat because she doesn’t have money for food and when there is food, if there’s only a small amount, she will give it to the kids and she won’t eat at all. She went on to tell me that at some points in time, she has become so desperate for money that she has sold her body to men as a prostitute.

Up until this point, her kids haven’t gone to school because she hasn’t been able to afford the fees and there isn’t a school close enough, but she’s been working at getting them enrolled for the upcoming school year. Since they don’t go to school and she doesn’t work consistently, they pretty much sit around and do nothing all day; when she does work, they kids have to stay home alone and the 8 year old has to watch the younger two. Lo Coco is slowly decreasing in size due to the owner of the land kicking people out and Diana fears that any day now, she and her children will be forced to leave the only home they’ve ever known. She doesn’t know where they will go or what they will do because in Lo Coco she doesn’t have to pay any rent, but anywhere else in the city she would go, she’d have to pay rent.

Join us in praying for Diana, pray for guidance, direction, and provision for her to find a steady job that will provide enough financially so they can find somewhere better to live. Pray for her children will be able to start school in August and get an education. Most of all, pray that Diana can see her worth found in Christ and that she can realize how much He loves her and despite what she has done in her past, He just wants her to come to Him.

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