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  • Brad Jenkins

Called to Serve

You can get in anywhere if you go to serve.

Brother Andrew, God's Smuggler

As missionaries (we all are), our effectiveness in doing life with those God has called us to is directly proportionate to the value we place on them. If we see ourselves as their rescuer or leader, then we will be less likely to listen and follow and less effective in our influence. Sometimes we learn that the hard way. We have learned through failing to listen and being quick to speak sometimes. We ought to watch, listen and follow exponentially more than we speak and lead. We are visitors into their environment and their culture - they know it better than us, no matter how long we are there or how studied up we are on the culture.

Humility is the key to this and effectiveness as missionaries requires that we know our place in theirs. Humble spirits, open eyes and ears and sore knees are the root of effective ministry, regardless of where you are called.

Jenkins family

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