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  • Brad Jenkins

2018 Summer Staff

Welcome Hannah Lovin, Kacie Martin and Hallie Barhart our UTK 2018 Summer Staff. These ladies have dedicated their summer to serve the people of Puerto Plata. They spend time in the community encouraging and building relationships with the women and children, but most importantly loving people in Jesus' name.

They have a lot of fun playing games, planning activities and creating opportunities to have conversations that allow them to share the gospel in a life-giving way. In addition to forming great friendships, they support the work of our mission teams and the LED Solar Light and Limpiafil water filter programs.

Hannah, Kacie and Hallie are confident of their purpose and they radiate the love of Jesus Christ. They have been fearless and available. God is using them through discipleship to boldly challenge these women and young ladies in the DR to live "in" and not "of "the world and to trust who God says they are.

We thank them for their willingness to serve. Please cover them in prayer as they walk the front lines.

" How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news". (Rom 10:15)

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