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  • Hallie Barnhart

A Walk in the Right Direction

Last night, we walked down this street with 4 prostitutes...

I wasn’t sure what to expect because we were walking into the drug and prostitution center of the city. How can you tell these women that Jesus loves them and what they’re doing is wrong, without them feeling judged? In the second group of women, as Mrs. Deborah shared the love God has for them even in sin, one started crying—she was getting it. God’s presence was so evident. What started as a group of 2 turned into 3 and 2 ended up accepting jesus as their savior(🙌🏽!). After, we were able to take them to grab a bite to eat; it was a good opportunity to keep talking to them but also get them off the street for a little while. We ended up coming across 1 more on the way so our original group of 2 was now 4. We got them food and sat in Paul’s church to talk about jesus again. This is what it’s all about. As we were walking down the road with actual prostitutes, it hit me: this is what Jesus did. He walked with the sinners, He hung out with those who everyone judged, He shared His love with those who felt unworthy of it. And this is what we as His followers should do, too.

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